A top 3 Beauty MLM company with a long history in the cosmetics industry was looking for a way to gain visibility into their field sales representatives' activities & track performance. The company knew that their direct sellers needed a way to help manage their leads remotely & more effectively, and it needed to be mobile.The company’s long history also meant their technology tools were outdated and did not mesh with today's mobile sales field.The MLM company, realizing their need to go mobile, decided to work with Cotano, who had already been working towards improving the sales experience from “the point of view” of the sales field.Cotano’s mobile sales app uses Kanban to visualize the sales funnel, “smart reminders” for motivating future follow-ups, comments in one place to facilitate customer relationship management, and one-click communication, all from their smartphones. The match was perfect and so an agreement was made to Pilot for 300 users. 5000 users 😎 in 6 months!




Provide a sales-friendly mobile solution

$2B+ Cosmetics network marketing company

The goal of the cosmetics company was to take their company into this generation and provide their independent sales representatives with a tool that would increase engagement by 25% & also collect true data insights into their sales activity. The results of higher engagement & data availability presumed an increase in sales. 


"I was surprised how much easier it became for me to carry out my daily activities. Cotano always reminds me in time of whom, when and why I need to call back, and what information to convey. Now I do not need to keep everything in mind. My income has grown and I recently became a Senior Leader in the company"

Olga V. -- Sales Leader

Cotano's goal was to focus on sales as a job. Thanks to Tony Ulwick's “Jobs To Be Done” methodology, we identified the pains felt by the sales field to get the job done. The sales team, taking part in the pilot, of 300+ direct sellers experienced these pains:
⚕︎ Inability to track orders & results in one application⚕︎ Sending messages & marketing material took ⏰⚕︎ Remembering to order a gift⚕︎ Forgetting about pending orders⚕︎ Struggled to add pictures to newsletters⚕︎ Unable to analyze the results of the campaigns
Cotano's goal was to use our platform to unite their customer data, make messaging simple and time efficient, provide analytics for campaign tracking, & smart reminders to help them remember about gifts and personalization.

The Solution

A mobile-first sales app that engaged the sales field & made their daily routine easier

Right off the bat, the sales field responded positively to Cotano. 
“Guys, you are great! With Cotano my life became easier and happier! Please stay with us.My Leaders are on photo ---Olga V. -- Sales Leader
Cotano quickly adapted the app to the sales field’s work-flow integrating with their CRM 🦕. The results were immediate & continued to improve when we tackled the challenge of personalized message templates for their favorite messenger, WhatsApp. 
The sales field struggled with communication through modern messengers. An integration with WhatsApp (used most by direct sellers) allowed users to send personalized mass messages quickly. Smart reminders, also played a major role in improving the user’s experience & individual sales results. 
“Oh, Cotano just helped me a lot! Reminded to follow-up valuable lead! Thanks”Cotano user -- Direct Seller
Did you know that 44% of salespeople give up after the first “NO”?


The Solution

An engaged sales field = true data = data driven decision making

Smart reminders, WhatsApp templates, & personalized Follow-up are the keys to Cotano’s success. After onboarding 300 users, our user base quickly grew to 5000+. 
“The app is very helpful, always reminds me about already forgotten things. Cotano is automatizing routine and saves time, at the same time reminding to call/text/follow-up. Your success team are wizards: always online, provide help in minutes!”

The word spread quickly and soon the sales field of 5000+ was active in Cotano providing valuable insights for the managers.




4% increase in net sales!

87% confidence that Cotano was the reason for the increase!

The results provided by the cosmetics company showed that the 300+ independent direct sellers using Cotano, compared to sales without, increased their sales results by 4% in less than 3 months. The results of a higher engagement & data availability played a role on the increase in sales. In less than 3 months word had spread and Cotano soon had over 5000+ direct sellers join the movement

Mobility helped direct sellers reach their KPIs

Did you know that 64% of salespeople using mobile CRMs reach their KPIs?

The sales environment in Cotano, helped direct sellers reach their target numbers by providing an easy UI/UX for daily routine from their smartphone & motivational reminder to follow-up. 
A mobile CRM is proven to make it easier for users to reach their target conversion rate.

By simplifying the users’ daily routine with personalized message templates, one-click communications, & a single point of truth for customer data, Cotano allowed users to directly influence and improve their results.


Smart Reminders Work 

73.6% of the direct sellers loved the WhatsApp integration

Smart Reminders & personalized WhatsApp templates made the biggest impact on the field sales representatives. This graph is a comparison of smart reminder users versus users who did not use reminders. As you can see smart reminders helped users achieve better numbers by simply reminding users to send leads a message!
A staggering 73.6% of field sales representatives love Cotano for the WhatsApp personalized message templates. Sending personalized messages takes minutes rather than hours. 

The Cotano-effect

Followups are fundamental for effective sales

After 6 months and a 5000+ user base, the pilot was a success. The company learned what the Cotano-effect is and achieved the goal of providing sales with useful mobile tool, executives gained field sales insights in real-time, & sales increased.
Follow-up is a fundamental part of sales and usually takes up the most of the sellers time. Cotano works everyday to help sales followup quickly and easily. Cotano's smart reminders, personalized message templates, & quick communication buttons succeeded in helping direct sellers achieve their KPIs by improving their followup results & in less than 3 months brought over $800,000.