As a Co-founder, you surely understand that the only way to stay in business in new realities - drive transformation. But what comes to your mind when you hear the word “transformation”? Long complex projects that rather fail than succeed?
Well, in the face of uncertainty, no company can afford such risks. That’s why even the leading companies prefer solutions that allow getting quick results without taking extra risks.
For example, even a $2B+ Network Marketing company, which considered the Cotano app to boost field sales efficiency, suggested starting with a 3-month pilot project on a team of 300 salespeople. The result was a 4% sales increase, and now the company confidently scales it to the entire field.


I’m sure that A-company, being more flexible and ready to change, will get even better results in a shorter time! Moreover, you won't have to move your people from the projects they are already involved in - we will take care of everything.
If you like the idea, I’d be happy to unpack even more details during a virtual lunch - just email me at em.onatoc%40gelo or sign up for the right!
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