DIY Retail | A Personalized Transformation


Retail meets Innovation!

Leroy Merlin - L'appart Bastignolles

The L'appart store in Paris, France is a concept store pioneering a completely new & innovative approach to Do-it-Yourself retail. Leroy Merlin realized that their customers' need more than just the items to get the job done & launched a unique concept with a Do-It-For-You approach to DIY retail. With this new approach came new challenges and this is where Cotano was able to help!


"Our challenge was to create an entirely new customer journey & experience. We wanted our customers to have a personalized experience and realized that this is something we need to learn to deliver. We needed a solution to help track our customers during their journey and provide our sales team with a tool to help them build a personal relationship with their customers.
Cotano helped my team track and properly support their customers. Today, my team tells me it would be tough for them to go back to working without Cotano!"

Pierre Carlier, Store Director at Leroy Merlin - L'Appart

More About L'appart - Leroy Merlin

The Do-It-For-You experience, from Leroy Merlin, for apartment renovations

Leroy Merlin is innovating their approach to DIY retail and making the swing towards Do-It-For-You services. With the L'appart store in Paris, France they are transforming customers' personal spaces. L'appart takes the customer's vision and dream apartment and make it a reality. The best part for the customer is that they don't even need to get their hands dirty. 
The unique aspect of the L'appart store is that, as a customer, you work with one point of contact throughout the entire process. Basically, when the customer begins their apartment transformation with L'appart they will speak to their own personal assistant. 
This high-level of personalization is new to retail and managing this process was one of the biggest challenges faced by the L'appart team. Leroy Merlin's Innovation department came to the Web Summit in search of a solution to help with the challenge and found Cotano.