Top Network Marketing Recruitment Strategies

MLM recruitment strategy

Network Marketing is a unique model to gen profit from any type of product. First, you work to build your business, then your business works on its own to make you profit. But behind this simple scheme, many nuances are worth knowing about at the very beginning of your “journey to the top”. In this article, we will briefly discuss the most important ones.

Be a leader!

Practice shows that 70% of people are looking for leaders and listen to their opinion. You should always be an expert and professional in eyes of your downlines and clients. Give advice, support newcomers, and never doubt what you say. Always feel like a leader even if you don’t know something.

Grow together with your business, be interested in new trends, technologies, and opportunities in the niche in which you are going to build your network marketing business. A leader is, first of all, not an expert, but a person who is confident in his words.

Be online

The 2020-2021 pandemic showed that only online businesses can grow and survive. Therefore, you should always be online, and most importantly, always in touch. Your tools should be:

  • Social networks – FB, Instagram. Start your pages and regularly add fresh posts there.
  • Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber… All messengers that will help to contact you directly.
  • Mail ​​and SMS. In such an unobtrusive form, you will be softly reminding about yourself.
  • Advertise yourself wherever possible, on free and paid platforms, in communities and forums, record videos for YouTube channel.
  • Host free webinars for your downlines. Explain the specific of your business, train newcomers. Host webinars for potential customers, tell them about the benefits of your product.

The last point will bring you a double benefit – you make yourself more interesting for buyers and at the same time grow network marketing team aimed to be a part of a strong company.

learn and train to grow your MLM team

Learn & Train

A good leader is developing day by day and passing on experience to his team. If you think that you already know everything, then you risk being left out of the big business boat. Therefore, always find time for self-development – webinars, online courses, conferences, etc., where you can listen to the opinion of experts.

Plus, you will be able to host training for your distributors yourself. Try to become for them not just a business partner, but a coach, whose advice is 100% correct. You will grow the network of professionals and don’t spend extra money for that. Don’t thanks, just do it!

Let your network grow itself

The main advantage of network marketing is that a well-organized business scheme does not need to be controlled all the time. Yes, at first you have to work hard to achieve your goals (it’s good that now there is Cotano and most of your tasks can be delegated to it).

However, in the end, you will get quite generous dividends.

A well-thought network marketing business will bring money in any case. You get profit from sales as well as commission from the sales of your downlines and their downlines. Being at the top of the pyramid is cool, isn’t it? Stimulate your downlines to bring other people to your business, and most importantly, make your business profitable for everyone. Find out more useful information on our page MLM Sales Growth Techniques.

Automate or die

Yes, this is the hard truth of our civilized world. Your business will die if you don’t automate it. Every network marketing business has a lot of different things to consider: sellers, customers, bonus programs, and many other nuances. You will not be able to cope with an avalanche of data, calls, and other tasks on your own. With Cotano, you can expand your business and rest when you need it. Cotano is:

  • Easy contact/client management.
  • Automatic reaching out to your prospects
  • Built-in and custom templates tailored to your company-specific.
  • Ability to get analytics of sales and work of your downlines in real-time.

Cotano is like an autopilot on an airplane that you can trust and that will fly to your goal without deviating from the course.

Become Public

Tell your audience about yourself and your product. Use the media and the Internet to tell about your achievements in the quarter/year, how to grow your network, completed projects and, new ideas that you are going to implement. Talk about everything and stay in the public eye.

Give information in the language of your target audience. You should be a friend who understands the problems. Therefore, each of your publications, video, or advertising should not only show your good sides but also stir up interest, solve a problem or call to action.

Share Knowledge

Treat your downlines as equal partners, that is, help them and share knowledge. Remember that you depend on them much more than they depend on you. So do not be greedy, share leads, tell sales tactics, show the most successful message templates that help to get the customer’s interest.

The Cotano platform is an opportunity to grow the network marketing team every day. Find your future downlines on social networks, invite them to the platform and share with them all the information they need. Everything is simple and very effective!


At the very beginning of your way to success, it is important to choose a company, with which you will cooperate, develop and learn how to build your trade business. Cotano is perfect for this because we took into account all the nuances of network marketing and tried to automate all processes as much as possible so that you can focus on what matters.