Best Recruiting Templates For Network Marketers

Recruiting templates by Cotano

At Cotano, we often see how more experienced leaders help their downlines to believe in themselves, not only explaining how to build the sales process but also providing various ready-to-use recruiting templates for different scenarios. In our sale acceleration platform Cotano, this is easily solved by implementing individual or group templates.

However, not all leaders are willing to work hard to support their mentees and simplify the entire sales cycle. That is why we decided to open a whole series of articles in which we will provide the best and 100% working templates from the best network marketers. In case if you lost our previous article about How Avon, doTerra, Oriflame, and Young Living sales leaders adapt to the new realities, it is strongly recommended to check it out.

Below we provide a list of general templates for recruiting new partners using template variables that you can use in Cotano:

General recruiting templates

General template # 1

= NAME1, good day!
My name is = USER_FIRSTNAME, =COMPANY Customer Friendship Manager! ❤️
A special offer for you, a big discount of -30% for the entire stock!
Also, participation in promotions with gifts, prizes, access to closed sales!
Send you more detailed information and the best offers you definitely should pay attention to?

General template # 2

= NAME1, hello! 🌺
A special offer for you, a big 30% discount on the entire =COMPANY assortment!
Participation in promotions with prizes and closed sales.
Send more details?

General template # 3

= NAME1, hello!
How are you?
Listen, I’m just delighted with =COMPANY products now and there are now a lot of cool offers, discounts, and special gifts.
If anything, I will send the catalog and help with the special registration to get an internal discount!

General template #4

🖐️ Hi = NAME1.
By the way, the =COMPANY now has super big discounts on a lot of products! For home, children, family!
Only 15 minutes of shopping without leaving your home, it’s great!!!
I highly recommend placing an order soon and collect your gift🎁
You can just throw me a name of a product 🙂 I will make out❤️

General template #5

= NAME1, hello!
There is a BIG SALE in =COMPANY right now!
I highly recommend buying gifts for yourself and your loved ones❤️
I can keep some goods for you while the promotion is running.
But please, let’s make it our secret🤭

Expert advice

Do you want to achieve the desired results in network marketing, no matter how ambitious your goal is?
– Recruit constantly and regularly. Make your recruiting a daily routine like a morning ritual.
– Do not give up in case of failures, everyone went through them.
– Plan your growth and your success.
– Learn, teach your team, apply the knowledge gained!

Natalia Donskikh, Lead Manager, Avon Russia

Social media recruiting templates

Nowadays, it’s really important to communicate with your customers whatever communication channel they choose. We’ve already written about how to overcome 3 obstacles to efficient selling in messengers and we still insist that messengers should be your main communication channel! Cotano will help you not to miss any opportunity while keeping tons of chats at once.

Social media template # 1

Hello = NAME1!
❤️ Nice to meet you!
Accidentally stumbled upon your profile and simply could not pass by. I have an offer for you. For several years now I have been working with a large company and have been successfully developing my business.
Now I am recruiting a new key team (the “old” team is already recruiting their own teams🙏) and I am looking for active, purposeful people who want to earn more money.
No obligations, no investments, everything remote – perfect during a pandemic!
Do you want to drop the details here?

Social media template # 2

Greetings = NAME1 to friends!
Nice to meet you🌸
Are you considering part-time employment or work from home with near-passive income?

– -can be split into 2 messages, depending on the audience – –

I am recruiting a team of remote partners for a large cosmetics company with over 100 years of history. This is an amazing opportunity to get increase income without leaving your home! What could be better? 👍
No obligations, no investments, just your desire, and a couple of hours per day to devote to this work!
As your team leader I will provide everything you need to get first clients asap)
Where should I send all the details?

Social media template #3

Hello = NAME1!
I have a great opportunity for you. 🤝
I am a mother on maternity leave, and I’m working without leaving the house. Covid, you know…
I would like to invite you to join my team. This job takes just 2 hours a day. In the morning or evening, whatever schedule works best for you.
Official, legal, profitable work. No investment! No obligations! The work is completely remote, with your computer.

Holiday Recruiting Templates

Holiday template # 1

= NAME1, Happy New Year!
On the eve of the holiday, I can give you an exclusive 30% discount on the entire =COMPANY range! ❤️
You can still catch cool prizes and gifts!
Send more details?

Holiday template # 2

= NAME1, Happy Holidays! 🎄
For you as a Gift 25% discount on everything and New Year’s cream for your hands, gentle care with raspberries from =COMPANY!
🎄 Place an order in the catalog from December 16 to December 29 and add the code =CUSTOM_DISCOUNT_CODE
🎄Write back to me the message “Cream”
🎄The cost of the cream will be returned to you
If you send your order today, you will receive it before the holidays!
Catalog link – = LINK

Important: the templates themselves contain variables (for example “= NAME1”) from the Cotano application, instead of which the necessary values ​​are substituted automatically. Decoding of values:

  • = NAME1 – the name of the contact to whom the message is automatically sent;
  • = USER_FIRSTNAME – Cotano username;
  • =COMPANY – the name of the company you are a partner of;
  • =CUSTOM_DISCOUNT_CODE – custom variable, your partnership discount code;
  • = LINK – link to the catalog (this information is already in Cotano and is updated automatically for each company).

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