New Distributors’ Onboarding Process – Tips & Tricks

New Distributors’ Onboarding Process Starts Right After Acquaintance & Recruiting

Network marketing is based on recruiting new leads. It’s hard to argue.
The task of the experienced and skillful leader to onboard well each newcomer. It is worth noting that a good start is always a half of success. If the onboarding process is arranged properly, the company will have fewer challenges with reps’ retention and performance of its distributors.

What is the Onboarding Process?

The onboarding plan is the basic need of each network marketing company. Leaders should think through the process they onboard new distributors. Onboarding includes acquaintance with the company’s history, corporate values, and missions, products, and services. Newcomers should understand well all the business processes, marketing tools, and other peculiarities.

The Sales Management Association states that network companies that pay attention to the onboarding process and have a well-thought plan obtain 10% higher sales rates and 14% better profit object achievement. The better you onboard your leads, the faster their progress is. Additionally, the onboarding process is critical for:

  • Retention;
  • Selling performance rates;
  • Improved sales;
  • Better engagement and motivation;
  • Comradery issues.

The network marketing company should demonstrate a perfect balance between recruiting and onboarding campaigns. It is not enough to attract leads for their excellent selling results. It is necessary to onboard new distributors and provide them with the opportunity to become high performers of your company as soon as possible. 

Main Onboarding Hacks: All Tips & Tricks to Take into Account

It is worth noting that the onboarding process should commence at the earliest. Your leads require the support of leaders from the first day they decided to join the ranks of salesmen. Note that the average onboarding process takes about 90 days. The first hack for you is quite simple – hurry up to onboard your new distributors.

Network marketing rep's Onboarding Process Starts Before First Day

Onboarding Process Starts Before First Day

#1 Day 1 Kick-Off

If you begin the onboarding process even before the first day, you are on the right track. Communicate and train with your new distributors on a regular basis. Show that you are interested in their progress. True leaders will find the best ways to speed up the onboarding process. We recommend using CRMs and automation software for these purposes.

You will be able to share templates for email sequences, sales scripts, tutorial materials from the first days of the onboarding process. Chat, communicate, advise, and support your new distributors from the very beginning. 


Cotano Automation Software for Onboarding and Training

Cotano Automation Software for Onboarding and Training

#2 Support

Start with a concise onboarding plan that includes a ready-to-use system for your leads. Everyone loves when others take care of them and provide all the necessary tools for professional development. Be the one who creates a well-structured system to support your new distributors. Your onboarding strategy should include:

  1. Information about company, its values and missions (introductory data);
  2. Step-by-step tutorials (insights, templates, other digital tools for progress);
  3. Offerings, regulations, new rules (all these can be sent online through digital channels).

Remember that absence of support is the number one reason for churn. Do not be surprised when new distributors quit your team without any explanations if you did not give your leads enough attention, care, and knowledge base to move further.

Secret Hack: How to Provide Even More Support?

Engaging senior distributors in the onboarding process brings also good results. This practice motivates leads and increases self-confidence levels of standing distributors who perform well. The early performance of newcomers should be recognized and rewarded as well. Do not forget to improve your onboarding strategy and invest in advanced skill training. 

Senior Salesmen Can Take Part in the Onboarding Process and Speed Up It

Senior Salesmen Can Take Part in the Onboarding Process and Speed Up It

#3 Personalization

Templates and newsletters are suitable for some formal onboarding phases. Nevertheless, it is better even if tutorial materials convert into personalized messages. Personalization is a key to an improved level of communication with reps. If you show your attention to any aspect when it comes to the onboarding process, your new distributors will duly appreciate your approach and convert to high performers faster.

Personalized Approach in the Network Marketing Onboarding Process

Personalized Approach in the Network Marketing Onboarding Process

To make your onboarding strategy flexible, implement automation software like Cotano and meet all special needs of newcomers in your team. For example, one lead copes with any task easily and can move further through tutorials and practices. At the same time, the second lead needs more support and a personalized approach to perform well.

With Cotano, you can onboard new distributors with any type of thinking and rapidity of selling skill acquisition. Your main goal is to raise successful salesmen and standing teammates. Even if one of the leads completes the onboarding process in 1 month and the second one in 3 months. Personalization by means of automation and personalized communication is the very thing. 

#4 Lower Time to Educate

Onboarding is about full control. You should not only support and take care of new distributors. Your task is to assist them and control their progress. Do not allow your leads to do anything new themselves. It is better to explain, check, and enjoy perfect results. Retraining or filling gaps will turn your time wastes and additional investments.

To teach new distributors fast and simply, follow our recommendations:

  • End each stage of your tutorials with clear checkpoints to be sure that all the material and practical skill sets are adopted.
  • Create a central drive for constant supervision (it can be a mobile app, a CRM system, or other special-purpose software).
  • Improve your onboarding process and implement new solutions regularly (updates of tutorials, templates, corporate regulations, other digital options).

Education = Evaluation & Rewards

Note that each success (even the smallest one) should be highly evaluated and recognized. Reward your new reps and increase their self-confidence in the context of sales and recruiting. Network marketing is impossible without rewards for high performers even these successful distributors made toward first achievements for a long time.

Each Achievement Should Be Rewarded During Onboarding Process

Each Achievement Should Be Rewarded During Onboarding Process

#5 Onboarding Meetings

Even if you communicate with your new distributors in chats every day, onboarding events are required for faster progress. Schedule in-personal meetings or video calls every 2 weeks in order to teach your new distributors something. For example, start with tips on how to make an order. Then, teach your reps how to make money and so on.

This way you will form and develop a habit that will help newcomers to gain knowledge and put it into practice. Always give practical tasks to reinforce skills. These onboarding meetings will bring fruitful results almost immediately. Use digital transformations to increase your online presence and improve the network of distributors (e-representatives).

Avon Digital Transformation: Avon Representative VS E-Representative

Avon Digital Transformation: Avon Representative VS E-Representative

To Sum Up

The onboarding process cannot be avoided because this is an essential stage of converting your leads into well-performing distributors. Follow our tips and use tricks to onboard newcomers properly. Do not forget to reward their achievements and provide regular constructive feedback together with support, care, and communication.