Network Marketing Success Secrets

Though secrets to succeed in the network marketing business are pretty similar to the success secrets in direct sales, there are some differences that are specific to network marketing. In this article, we’ll take a glance with you at the top things to consider in order to make your network marketing business thrive!


Never, never stop educating yourself!

New technologies, new tactics, new trends, and new industries appear every day. And it is very important to always be on the cutting edge of everything new in order to cherry-pick. Otherwise, if you decide that you are good enough, someday you may find yourself left behind in the network marketing industry. 

Do NOT get after Family & Friends

Sure, at the very beginning it is okay to offer your friends and family to try the product you offer. And it’s great if they want to help and support you. 

However, if they say “no”, then just stop. You won’t wish and you don’t need to build your business with friends and family. 

Choose network marketing company wisely

Simple rule: to be successful in network marketing never join scam schemes. 

You should always try to find out as much about a company as possible before you join and put in some effort. 

You should trust this company and believe in its success. Also, you should always be a customer of the company and use products of the network marketing company you work with. 

Know your product

Why buy and use the products you want to sell? To know them, to love them, to make them part of your life. Your customers will feel that. Also, they will feel that you don’t believe in the product and just want to push this “piece of sheet” to them. See the previous tip.

You should know product benefits like nobody else, you should know all issues of the product like nobody else, you should be honest with your customers and tell them about everything (see “build relationships” tip). How would you tell about everything if you don’t know? 

Know your audience

Your network marketing company may tell you that the product they sell is required by everyone and you may sell it to everyone. THEY ARE WRONG. 

The product you sell may be a solution for some particular problem and, truly, a lot of people may have this problem (e.g. they want to be beautiful and healthy). However, some people always need that solution more than others. Some people are less.

You need to identify these people, know their gender, age, interests, places they spend their time, what they like, how they talk, etc.  

network marketing success secret built relationships

Build relationships

Relationships are the main driving force of most businesses all over the world. And the worst mistake you can make is to underestimate the importance of building relationships with your network. 

No one likes when you talk with them like with a pool of money. So never spam, help your network (potentials as well), spend some time and effort to dive deeper into their problems, offer not only your product but just some pieces of advice, and listen. 

The best salespeople ALWAYS listen more than talk! 

Sponsor, do not recruit

Network marketing is not about quantity, but about quality! 

The main idea behind network marketing success is to build your network and benefit from sales of your downlines and their business growth. 

In order to achieve that faster, you need to “help” them, rather than “use” them. You need to constantly put some effort in their growth and become a leader and mentor for them. 

network marketing success secrets - go social

Go Social

Here are some stats:

  • 4 in 10 millennials say their favorite influencer understands them better than their friends, 
  • 50%+ of women made purchases due to influencer posts, 
  • 45% of women claim to be more active on social media than several years ago. 

Is that not enough for you to take social media seriously? 

Nowadays more sales happen in social media than in brick and mortar stores. Social media presence can help you sell more, acquire partners easier, increase interest in your business, etc. Also worth mentioning that doing a network marketing business you often sell your own personal brand first before offering some products or services.

In Cotano you are able to connect custom landing pages, track link clicks, use all that to run social media paid campaigns and collect leads with ease. Adding automation and custom templates will make your way to network marketing success smoother. 

network marketing success secrets never quit

Do NOT Quit

Quitting is the main and often the only way to fail in the network marketing business!
Millions of people quit their dreams every day, and the only thing they require to achieve success is just to keep going. However, most of them prefer to stop trying instead of learning from their mistakes.
People struggling to succeed often ask themselves questions like: 

  • How can I acquire more customers? 
  • What should I write to my leads? 
  • How to scale my sales?
  • How to manage my downlines? 
  • Etc. 

Fortunately, you have Cotano which may help you get answers to all these questions and simplify your network marketing business and become your main secret sauce. 

Follow up!

Just follow up! 

Never stop following up your leads unless you were strictly asked the opposite. According to the study, 80% of sales require 5 or more follow-up calls. You may not call a person (2021 year, you know), however, constantly reaching out to your prospect is a significant part (maybe the main) of your network marketing business success.

That happens because your leads may not require your stuff right away, or they may not have enough money or time right now, etc.

In Cotano you can use prebuilt templates and automate your follow-up flow with ease! 


There are 4 fundamental questions in every business: 

  • Whom?
  • What?
  • How?
  • When?

Knowledge of your product and audience  – answers questions “what?” and “who?”. 

Constant learning, going social, building relationships, and sponsoring your downlines – answers questions “how?”.

To be within sight of your audience all the time and answer “when?” question – follow up helps! 

Cotano – your main network marketing success secret!