MLM Sales Growth Techniques

MLM sales growth techniques

A multi-level marketing business like any other business requires hard work to succeed. However, for any industry and business, there are its own tips and tricks. We’ve already covered some top network marketing secrets and direct sales business success strategies previously. Today we want to give our users the best MLM sales growth techniques.

Recruit and lead your network

In MLM business you should recruit and recruit a lot in order to build your own network of sales reps. Some of our users use Cotano (yeah Cotano is a perfect tool for recruiting) to reach out to up to 3000 people per month!

However, you should not only reach out to them and offer business opportunities but also onboard, retain, lead and help your network of distributors to succeed.

Share your knowledge, your templates, best tactics even share some leads with them.

Digital marketing MLM sales growth techniques

Become Digital Marketer

Go digital or die. That is what 2020 and 2021 did and will do with any kind of business.

You should leverage the power of Social Media selling and focus your efforts on the digital side of your business because as pandemic showed us, that is the only side of the business that will grow.

Here are some tips on how to succeed in social media with MLM:

  • Create an FB Group and accumulate your network in it.
  • Promote your Instagram account (constantly posting, following potential leads, advertising)
  • Join digital communities (groups, chats) on FB, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. and constantly post there your offering
  • Don’t spam!
  • Setup cold outreach via email and SMS.
  • Participate in different webinars or conduct your own (doesn’t matter how many people will participate, just do it, first time it will suck anyway).
  • Create chatbots for partner evaluations and support.
  • Create your website and offer your products or services.

Here are several tools that will automate and simplify your digital marketing efforts:

  • Cotano – for contact management and automated follow-ups
  • Mailshake/ – for cold outreach setup
  • Mailchimp/Sendpulse – for email marketing and chatbots
  • Phantombuster – for social media growth routine automation.
  • Wix/Tilda – for website creation.
  • Chatfuel/FlowXO – for chatbot creation.

Treat yourself like an expert

The main thing you should do in social media – position yourself like an expert. Even if you are not. Fake it, till you make it!

However, if you won’t learn every day your downline starts noticing that you are not as good as they thought. Be aware, this disappointment may destroy your business! That is why you should learn every day and constantly implement best practices in your business.

Find best flow, templates, strategies, markets, audiences, lead sources, etc., TEST them first by yourself, and then share it with your network.

It’s desirable to share it on social media via public webinar – grow your audience and network, increase your trust.

Don’t worry about possible lost revenue – you will be rewarded much more later! Remember: really successful MLM entrepreneurs don’t sell, they make their network sell!

Choose your network marketing company wisely

We’ve already written that several times in articles dedicated to success in direct sales business and network marketing.

This time we won’t repeat ourselves and just remember that questions “What you sell?” and “From which company?” are not less or even more important than “How you sell?” and “To whom do you sell?”.

Do not underestimate the choice of MLM company to join because your sales growth really depends on that.

never quit MLM sales growth techniques Cotano

Don’t quit

You will fail at the beginning!

Just get on with it and keep moving forward. Really successful businesses have a bunch of failures in their history. Every truly successful businessman fucked up numerous times before reaching success. Just remember Jack Ma or Richard Branson stories.

The worst and the silliest thing you may do on your way to MLM sales growth is to quit.

Never quit! Learn!

Your failures are your best teachers. If you tried something (tool, channel, tactic, templates) and you failed (it didn’t work), then just try another one and share your knowledge with others. You always heard about numerous success stories, however, fail stories are more interesting and people also want to hear Dos and Don’ts.

Use your failures to your advantage and become an expert!

Follow up & Automate

We’ve previously mentioned that 80% of sales require 5 and more follow-ups to happen. That is why if your potential customer didn’t respond to you, don’t give up (don’t quit!) and follow him up to get the answer.

Some people may be busy, out of the computer, hesitate if your business opportunity is worth their attention and there are many other things that may be the reason why they didn’t reply to you right away.

This is why you should always seek an unambiguous answer from your potential customers or partners.

However, there are some tips to follow up like a pro:

  1. Give them value from the very beginning!
  2. Don’t spam. If a person asked not to contact again – never do it.
  3. Follow up until you get a straightforward answer, even if it means reaching out to a person for multiple months.
  4. Use holidays as a reason to reach out to (birthday congrats, Christmas discounts, etc.).
  5. Never forget!

Following up thousands of people thousands of times is hard. Really hard…

No worries, just sign up in Cotano, import all your business contacts, set up automation and templates (we have built-in already), and put your sales on autopilot.

Don’t know to start growing your MLM Sales? – Use Cotano!