How to Use Facebook for prospecting?

Facebook is an amazing social network to start collecting prospects and generate leads because Facebook unlike other social networks allows finding out more personal information that is required for a successful pitch as well as people are more likely to talk on Facebook than in other networks. 

Here are several simple steps that are required for successful prospecting in Facebook: 

Step #1 Build your brand

An essential part of any successful social media marketing and lead generation is building your personal brand in each network. 

Striking a balance between establishing personal connections and adding value to people’s daily lives while selling goods and services at the same time is a tough task. This is where you need to create your personal brand which will significantly simplify your promotion and prospecting in the future.

Benefits of establishing your personal brand:

  • It helps you find out what to post on a daily basis;
  • Your friends and connections understand what to expect from you and you will get the results faster;
  • People will believe your opinion as an expert and leader, and that will significantly increase your conversion rate;
  • It will help you collect your personal community (see below);

To create a brand identity, pick the 3 broadest themes you want to be associated with and stick with them when posting to Facebook or any other social network. 

One should be about your products and the other two should reflect your personal interests. Perfect case if they are related to the philosophy and values of your business. But it’s optional. 

Also, don’t forget about your profile promo checklist:

  1. Avatar
  2. Cover photo
  3. Bio
  4. About section
  5. And posts… 

Step #2 Post!

You need to make publications.

After you define your personal brand, the main thing you need to do is to make relevant to your brand posts. Now that you have an understanding of what you are going to publish, it’s time to decide how often you will post.

Our recommendation (according to the best practices of our users) to post at least:

  • Text post: 1 per week
  • Image post with some text: 2 times per week
  • Stories: 1 per day
  • Live video: 1-2 times per 2 weeks.

Yeah, that’s a lot. But we didn’t say that lead generation on Facebook is easy! 

However, as long as you are consistent in your posts and have a strategy in place, you don’t need to create content with higher frequency.

Step #3 Find your audience

There are a bunch of methods you can use to find your audience on Facebook. We will list a few of them:

  1. Facebook friends with high engagement
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. People who liked the relevant post

Facebook friends with high engagement

You can always find among your existing friends a list of people that regularly post something on facebook and their post gets huge engagement (likes and comments). 

Reach out to them and first offer them to join your business and get additional sources of income without a hassle. Those who don’t want to join (most of your existing friends with high engagement) can help you by either sharing your posts or recommending who may be interested in your business. 

Facebook Groups

There are a lot of relevant Facebook public and private groups where you can find a lot of highly engaged people willing to join your business. You may find nearly any group for nearly anything on Facebook. 

4 Simple Steps how to reach out to Facebook group members: 

  • #1 Create Valuable Posts
    The easiest way to stand out is by giving value. By giving value you become the one that stands out. You’ll draw prospects right to you!
  • #2 Answer Questions
    Many people come into a group not to post, but to get answers to their pressing problems. Be engaged and you will engage others! 
  • #3 Help & Support Admins
    Just remember that there is an admin/creator of each group. Help them, give them value and they will also help you or at least approve your posts.
  • #4 Reach out to the most engaged (warm audience)
    Go and reach out to the most engaged users who liked or commented on your posts. 

People who liked the relevant post

You may find posts relevant to your business wherever on Facebook: groups, company pages, friends posts, etc. 

SAVE them! Later on, you can check who liked this post and reach out to the post likers. 

Step #4 Reach out & Follow up

Now when you figure out your audience you can start reaching out to potential customers on Facebook! 

Recommendation #1: If you keep as a good rule of thumb to have 2-3 small talks back and forth before asking if they are open to your business, you’ll convert infinitely higher than others.

Recommendation #2: The very best practice according to our stats is to follow up at least 5 times during 2 months before leaving a prospect alone.

Recommendation #3: Every, seriously EVERY message should be valuable to the person you send it to. Otherwise, you risk losing your Facebook account. 

You can automate your collecting of profiles and outreach for FREE! 

You may use a service called Phantombuster (we’ve mentioned earlier), collect post likers and after that send them a message absolutely automatically! 

You may also scrape the whole group members, upload it into the Google Sheets, connect it to Cotano, and set up a semi-automatic sales process with statuses, personalization, templates, etc.

7 Facebook Do’s and Don’ts You Must Know!

  1. Don’t send more than 10 friend requests per day.
  2. Write to your new friends ASAP.
  3. Do NOT post more than 3 times a day.
  4. The more your post gets engagement (likes & comments), the more engagement you will get for your next post. 
  5. Add links to your posts as a comment to get better post coverage among your friends. 
  6. Do NOT reach out (send messages) to more than 3 persons (not friends) per hour.
  7. Do NOT send links in messages if the other person didn’t give the go-ahead!