How to Succeed in Direct Sales Business

How to Succeed in Direct Sales Business - Cotano

What are direct sales? 

According to the Direct Sales Association research, direct sales businesses had about 36.9 million customers in the US in 2019 only. And these numbers keep growing every year!

We’ve seen huge interest growth in starting a direct sales business in 2020 especially because of the COVID. Many families started searching for some additional source of income to keep their household budget afloat. If you are a newcomer in the direct selling business then check these best recruiting templates.

Direct sales are hard work where you should be able to block out all of the failures and continue to pursue their goal despite all the rejection. To help you succeed we’ve gathered the whole experience of our users in one list below. 

Choose a direct sales company carefully

The first thing to consider is that you should carefully choose a direct sales company super carefully. You should be aware of so-called Ponzi and pyramid scheme scams that try to look like real and legitimate direct sales companies, but they are not. 

Also, you should ensure that the company you want to join has a fair and simple compensation plan and all their members get rewards for their work. 

You should be really cautious about joining a company that requires some enrollment fees especially if this fee is several hundred or even thousands of dollars. Usually, such a fee means that this is a scam scheme. 

Know your products

You will never start selling any product well if you do not believe in these products and are not ready to use them yourself for your money.

Therefore, the best solution, before selling any products, is to study these products in detail, and even better to order and try them yourself. Don’t be afraid to spend some extra money on what you may not need. If you decided to build your own direct selling business, not just like a hobby, then these costs will pay off a hundredfold over time.

In addition, you will be able to talk and work with objections much better if you know from personal experience what you are selling. Not to mention the fact that it builds trust and confidence in a potential buyer.

Stay Persistent

Remember we told you that direct sales are hard work? Yeah, most people we will talk with will not even want to talk with you, and to get at least 5-10 customers you will need to talk with at least 100 people. The numbers may vary depending on the quality of leads (people) you will talk with. 

You may get a lot of negative responses but you should never give up! Just remember the stats we’ve mentioned at the beginning of the article – there are millions of people that buy from direct sales distributors every day. So keep trying! 

Follow up

Even superstar sales in Wall Street make a bunch of follow-ups every day. According to Cotano data top leaders in Avon and Amway, who have their own teams with dozens of partners reach out to about 3000 people per month. 

The fortune is in the follow-up! Just keep in mind that a person whom you are reaching out to maybe busy right now, or just don’t need your stuff but may need it in a week or next month. 

However, don’t be spammy! Be kind and try to offer the best you can. If a person asks you not to write anymore, never send again. If a person asks to get back in a month, then don’t forget to get back in a month. 

To simplify and automate your follow-ups and never forget about potential clients – use Cotano that was specially built to help you grow your direct sales business.

Find “anchor products” 

In each industry, whether it’s cosmetics, wellness, or household chemicals there is a group of products that are required constantly. Find something that is really something to suit all tastes and interests and push it to everyone. 

There are several reasons for that: 

  • People may buy something that is always needed and you may upsell something more expensive and less popular.
  • Such products people usually buy each month and that will let you not only acquire customers (recruit partners) but also retain them. 
  • Offering such a product may significantly increase the conversion rate from prospect to customer.

direct Sales cuccess - giveaway - Cotano

Give it away for free

People like free stuff. Nobody won’t argue with that. Neither should you! 

You may give something away for free to collect more leads (potential customers that left their contact data in exchange for a chance to get something for free). Also, usually a lot of direct sales companies willing their distributors to succeed provide them with probes that you may give away to your customers to get them another habit. 

The best option for such giveaways is to give for free “anchor products” which we mentioned earlier.  

Become social

It’s 2021 already! If you don’t have accounts on social media, you don’t have a business. Nowadays, especially because of the COVID, people get used to buying something on the web, not even speaking about social networks. 

Here are several quick pieces of advice: 

  • Spend some effort to get nice-looking social profiles.
  • Post a lot!
  • Grow your network and build your personal brand.
  • Use as many social network features as you can.
  • Build your own community
  • Help yourself with special social media marketing tools like Phantombuster or similar. 
  • Save all prospects in Cotano 🙂 

Digitize your sales

Again it’s 2021 already! You won’t be successful in direct sales unless you become digital.

Use social networks, promote yourself everywhere, post in direct sales groups, build digital communities, automate everything that is possible to automate, keep your customer information in a special tool, use all possible digital communication methods available, etc. 

You may use Cotano for free to cover most of this stuff! 

Offer some extras

To become really successful in the direct sales business you need not only to acquire and retain customers.

Providing various extra bonuses is what distinguishes a truly successful direct sales business from a mediocre one.

Give extra discounts, work on better customer service, give away some free swag to your loyal customers, collaborate with existing customers, and shout out to them. Be kind and super helpful! But remember, such things are useless unless you do them in the long run. 


We’ve covered some basic things which you need to consider in order to succeed in the direct sales business. Like any other business, you won’t get huge results (sales) at once, unless you are Elon Musk. Business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. 

If you won’t give up, will keep trying, and provide the best in class customer service you will succeed in your direct sales business for sure.

Don’t forget to simplify and shorten your way to success in direct sales business by using Cotano