How to increase Field Sales Activities (up to 12%) in a Large Network Marketing company

Fateful advice from the CIO of a top-10 Network Marketing company

The story began in early 2017 when we released the alpha-version of Cotano. We got acquainted with the CIO of a top-10 Network Marketing company, who provided us detailed feedback on how to tailor our solution for large companies, like his.

After a few weeks of development, we presented the adapted version. The CIO was strongly inspired and set up a meeting with the Sales Executives. During the meeting, we started to describe how easy-to-use app is, but, luckily, the VP of Sales interrupted us:

“Listen, don’t focus not on the app’s features. We will not actually be the actual users of your app. Tell us what benefits will it bring to us, e.g. your solution combines all the necessary sales tools with an easy-to-use interface, therefore, salespeople will be motivated to use it on a regular basis, providing executives the precise data for better decision making”

Combine all the necessary sales tools with an easy-to-use interface, therefore, salespeople are going to use it on a regular basis, providing executives the precise data for better decisions making. We took his advice into account and explained how they will get accurate data and handy analytics. As a result, we agreed to start a pilot with one of the regional sales teams.

From “ahh… one more app” to “digital game-changer”

When we came to sales leaders, with our solution, they were skeptical of the idea of using it. One of the sales leaders, who really liked our app, admitted that they had a lot of unsuccessful attempts with different digital tools and none of them took root amongst the salespeople.

The core reason behind the company’s struggle with digital transformation was that the company’s standards and rules for sales were formed over the years and were not implemented in the existing digital tools.

The company’s standards and rules for sales were formed over the years and were not implemented in the existing digital tools

We realized that the only way to convince salespeople to use our solution is to make it the perfect fit for their usual workflow. So, we decided to put ourselves in the salespeople’s shoes and asked the sales leader to let us join her sales team. We started to call customers, book meetings, collaborate with independent sales reps, recruit new salespeople. We even passed the special training on how to sell the company’s products beyond the line.

Besides our sales experience, we talked to 130+ salespeople and noticed that most of the field sales were facing the same problems:

  • the company’s digital tools were impossible to use on mobile, so salespeople wrote down customers’ information with pen and paper and that was often lost without getting into the database;
  • technical support, to put it mildly, stunk, and the technical equipment in the call-center was stuck in the “Stone Age”;
  • sales managers lacked a single tool for managing the field sales.

So, considering all salespeople’s complaints about the previous digital tools, we focused on value and adoption:

  • modified the user interface to give salespeople the ability to easily record customer information on-the-go, automatically syncing it with the company’s database;
  • automated the annoying routine, e.g. user had just to move the contact card and the app automatically set up the “next-actions” checklist and the follow-up reminder;
  • added a “one-click” calling and sending personalized templates, which filled the customer information automatically into the messenger (e.g. WhatsApp), saving salespeople time.

The Breakthrough

The ability to work on-the-go, routine automation, and “one-click” communication buttons, covered all the problems and pains the pilot users faced. Solving these three pains led to a viral expansion through word of mouth. Cotano quickly became a house-hold name within the sales field and we grew from one sales team to over 7 teams in just a few weeks.

Considering that 88% of users really love Cotano and used it on a regular basis, the executives were provided with explicit data about their field sales activity.


Earlier, they could track only the number of orders and net sales. Due to Cotano, they got the ability to track how many calls, messages, and meetings every salesperson did.

The data helped them to easily detect bottlenecks, such as losing customers between acquiring the contact information and making the first order.

Previously, in this case, the company didn’t know the number of lost leads, but, now they could not only track the exact conversion rate but also automatically remind salespeople that the customer is going to churn. After the successful result of these several sales teams, the сompany’s executives excitedly prepared for a country-wide deployment of Cotano.