Google Sheets + Cotano = 💵

In this article, we will tell you how to use Google Spreadsheets integration with Cotano, what cool stuff you can make with this integration, and why this integration is absolutely necessary for every network marketing professional in the modern digital era. 

Why integrate Google Spreadsheets with Cotano? 

The essence of this integration is that you may automatically create contacts in Cotano creating a row with all contact information in your sheet. 

The main reason why you should (yeah exactly you “should”) use this integration is that it opens a huge number of possibilities for automation and different tools orchestration in order to achieve maximum efficiency of your workflow. 

Also Google Spreadsheets is a free and convenient tool that you can use wherever you are. And that is super important nowadays when you may work either at home or wherever you are. 

We will cover several super helpful use cases below. 

How to do that? 

We’ve already covered a step-by-step tutorial on how to connect Google Spreadsheet to Cotano. That’s why we won’t dive into the integration details. 

Lets jump to the most important things – usage! 

Use cases

We’ll cover several use cases to give you several examples and ideas of how to use this feature, however you should remember that you are not limited with these cases. 

Use case #1 [simple]: Reaching out to existing clients 

Tools: Google Spreadsheets, Cotano
You have: list of your existing clients with their names, emails, phone number, past orders, and other information in an Excel file.

Let’s imagine that you’ve exported your existing clients from the corporate back office system and now you need to retain and reconvert them during the month to get your sales bonus. 

With Cotano it is super simple! 

Just follow these steps:

  • Copy/paste all your data into a Google spreadsheet
  • Set up a Retention board using our built-in template or create your own.
    Don’t forget to polish message templates for yourself and connect all communication channels.
  • Connect the Sheet to the board you’ve just created according to the step-by-step tutorial.
  • Voila!
    Now all your clients will get personalized messages from you via preferred communication channel.

Use case #2: Increase Conversion with Chatbot + Spreadsheets + Cotano

Tools: Chatbot platform, Google Spreadsheets, Cotano
You have: a chatbot in Facebook messenger that you use for lead qualification and which is connected to your Facebook community (page). 

In most chatbot platforms you may set up a flow that will collect contact data of those who communicate with your chatbot and then automatically add them to your Google Spreadsheet. Here is an example of how to set it up.

Use case #3: Reach out to people who signed up on your website

Tools: Website, Google Spreadsheets, Cotano
You have: a website where your potential customers can register to become your business partner. 

Nearly every website builder (WP, Wix, Tilda, Shopify, etc.) has a feature that lets to collect clients contact data (via subscription form or after a purchase) and then either export it into an Excel file or just create a row in Google Spreadsheet file every time new lead (customer) signed up on the website.

Using a tool called Zapier you definitely can automate such actions in WordPress and Wix at least.

You can set up a board with activation flow in Cotano, connect this spreadsheet to the required column and then personally whilst automatically reach out to every person that has signed up on your website and dramatically increase your activation rate

Use case #4: Collect leads via Facebook Lead ads and automatically reach out to them afterwards

Tools: Facebook Ads, Google Spreadsheets, Cotano
You have: launched advertising on Facebook or Instagram to acquire new business partners. 

There are numerous possibilities to connect Facebook Lead Ads to Google Sheets and create a row each time when someone signs up in your ads. To name a few: this, this, and that.

In this way, you may set up a new business partner acquisition advertising campaign and afterward automatically send them a set of personalized messages, with, for example, a personalized landing page with a video that explains benefits they may get after becoming your business partner (downline).

Personalized landing pages with some text, presentation, video, catalog, or whatever you want to put in there – you can create in Cotano. How? We will tell you a bit later. Stay tuned!

All the above-mentioned use cases are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can achieve with Google Sheets and Cotano. There are numerous use cases to explore. 

Go and create your own

3rd party tools recommendation

Here are several recommendations of different tools you may connect with Cotano using our Google Sheets integration:

  1. Zapier
    To connect everything with everything – super simple.
  2. Facebook Ads
    Run ads and acquire new business partners. 
  3. Wix
    Feature-rich website builder. 
  4. Tilda
    One more website builder.
  5. Mailchimp/Sendpulse
    For bulk email marketing campaigns, chatbots, and much more.
  6. Phantombuster
    For automation of routine tasks with social networks.
  7. Smartsender
    A great tool that combines a lot of features: landing page builder, chatbot builder, and much more.

All these tools are tested and used by ourselves and we can recommend all of them with absolute confidence.


Integration of Google Sheets with Cotano opens a bunch of new possibilities for automation of routine, sales growth and top-notch customer experience every network marketing professional may ever dream of. 

Register in Cotano. Check integration step-by-step tutorial. And try it yourself!