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Cotano’s Smart Reminders - How to increase sales for a MLM company?

How smart reminders help increase sales

Alex Stepenko

November 20, 2018 | 5 min read


Today, the concept of “follow-up” is firmly rooted in modern sales practices. Every successful sales manager understands the importance of this stage for effective working through their sales funnel. Without high-quality “follow-up” it is extremely difficult to close the deal. Today’s “dog eat dog” sales environment, where competitors are actively nipping at your heels, makes selling a product a challenge, especially if it’s not the market leader. How a Mobile sales team boosts follow-up results, and increases sales?

The importance of “follow-up”

Currently, online you can find thousands of posts, articles, and other information about the role of “follow-up” in progressive sales techniques. But it’s harder and harder for a sales manager to manage this important process without the help of automation tools. This is especially true in MLM companies, where representatives are not always professionally engaged in sales, but only for the purpose of additional earnings. Being mobile plays an important role in the sales process because it gives sales constant access to the necessary contact information, often inaccessible outside the workplace, essentially giving them everything they need to make the sale in their mobile phone, allowing them to sell while managing their other daily tasks.

Cotano’s mobile application was created by focusing on the identified need of high-quality “follow-up” for our users. The technology behind Cotano’s “smart” reminders allows, not only to contact or meet on time, but also stay on top of the latest agreements with your customers. The application’s automatic reminders increase your personal approach by building long-term relationships of trust and honesty with your sales leads.

Research results

Studies on the use of Cotano in one of the largest MLM companies in the world suggest that the increase in the number of orders, of Cotano users who use “smart” reminders in the sales process, is larger than those who do not use them. The study was conducted among 314 users of the test area during 6 months of 2018 (Fig. 1.) 

Smart reminders

Fig. 1. Comparative analysis of users who use and do not use reminders in Cotano.

The chart above shows that users who use reminders received in November an average of 15 orders more than in June, and users who did not use reminders received an average of only 5 orders more.

Not only numbers, but also feedback from our users testifies to the exceptional usefulness of reminders, which provides the necessary information for a call and allows the user to contact the customer in a convenient way in two clicks. In addition, the reminder opens to a full screen, guaranteeing it doesn’t get lost among other notifications on the phone, and sales - to miss the important “follow-up”.

In his book “Hard Management” business consultant Dan Kennedy said:

“People make purchases when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell. This means that you have to be in their sight when the need arises. In other words, you have to follow-up.”


If the customer base grows and routine actions take a lot of time, sales should definitely try managing the sales funnel with Cotano. Sales will be able to “follow up” in time, but also effectively build long-term relationships with clients.

Cotano was created as a simple sales tool, convenient, and clear. Sales does not need to learn how to use the CRM system, but instead has all the necessary functions for successful sales in their phone: Kanban for visualizing the sales funnel, smart push notifications for follow-ups, comments in one place for centralizing the management of customer relationships, and easy communication via the card contact. Your most important tools for salespeople are all in one place - Cotano!