Networking marketing is impossible without the process of downline activation. But it seems one of the most complicated obstacles for team leaders to overcome. The best way to build a great downline activation flow is using automation at each stage. It will improve your action plan and speed up the process while keeping downlines accountable to it.

Activating people with positivity is a top priority for networking marketing representatives. But it is hard work with numerous challenges to pass through. Networking marketing requires fast and well-thought onboarding that consists of three main steps to do:

  1. Adoption – this is the downline activation that should bring first positive results.
  2. Supervision – absolute control over the new reps and their support on the way to sales.
  3. Improvement – constant updates of your flows and automation of the processes.
Downline Activation Process: Adaption of Reps, Their Supervision, and Improvement of the Downline Activation Flow

Downline Activation Process: Adaption of Reps, Their Supervision, and Improvement of the Downline Activation Flow

Downline Activation Flow: How to Build It Easily with Cotano

Cotano is always about automated sales with the help of customization and simplification routine tasks of network marketing representatives such as invitation of new distributors, communication, messaging, onboarding, notifications, and many more. We are going to take a closer look at the fully automated process of building downline activation flow in Cotano.

Multi-Level Marketing Requires Fast and Automated Downline Activation Process

Multi-Level Marketing Requires Fast and Automated Downline Activation Process

1 – Registration

The procedure of registration in Cotano is quite simple. You need to specify your telephone number or email address. Creating an account takes a little time. A user needs to select the code of the country and enter the telephone number in the special-purpose field.

Cotano: Sign Up Procedure

Cotano: Sign Up Procedure

Add your first and last name to continue registration. Create a password to secure your account. Instead of the telephone number, you can use your email address. The algorithm stays the same. Having completed the registration process, you will be able to select the network marketing company of your interest. 

Cotano: Choose Your Company

Cotano: Choose Your Company

Optionally, you can select the main purpose of your registration in Cotano. Choose one or both available options from the list:

  1. Retention – automation tools to retain customers and reps.
  2. Activation – invitation, downline (business partners’) activation.
Cotano: Activation (Activate Your Business Partners)

Cotano: Activation (Activate Your Business Partners)

You will see a ready-to-use board with different columns for contacts. You can customize each section. Just name the column as you like (according to the month, catalog, other significant features you prefer). It is better to start with an introductory section to run the downline activation process. 

Cotano: the Board with Sections to Work with

Cotano: the Board with Sections to Work with

It is worth noting that the user can create any number of boards to work with. The same platform with columns and contacts can be for other network marketing projects and companies. Find the menu of boards on the side menu in Cotano. 

2 – Add leads into the pipeline

The first step after registration is the invitation of clients and business partners. Create a Google Form with questions and fields to fill for more information about your downline. 

Invitation: Google Form for People Willing Join the Network Marketing Team

Invitation: Google Form for People Willing Join the Network Marketing Team

It is possible to automate the messaging process with the help of Cotano easily. For example:
– You’ve created a Google Form and set it up to save all results into Google Spreadsheets.
– You connect this spreadsheet to Cotano. Read here how to do that.
– Your downline has just submitted the form.
– This downline will automatically get the first message from you via Telegram in PERSONAL messages.
– Profit! 

Template-Based Automated Messaging

This is one but not the only helpful option available in the Cotano acceleration software. If the first message you have already sent automatically has no response, the recipient will get a follow-up letter (with the reminder) in several hours.

If your potential client or business partner sends a response to your welcome message, Cotano will greet your downline with the warming-up phrase (you might customize in the section of templates) and the open link. This way one more template-based message will be sent to the recipient. 

The open link in the last message leads to the landing page where your downline should pick sides with the status (a client or a business partner). The landing page can be also customized or used as presented in the template-based selection. 

Example of the Landing Page Sent to the Downline

Example of the Landing Page Sent to the Downline

Landing pages in Cotano are exceptionally flexible for your needs. You may design any type of file any number of times. Note that these landing pages are connected with each other. The nesting option with linking offers your downlines to switch between all the personalized landing pages at once. 

The main idea of the landing page is to force the recipient to make a choice. Then, new trigger messages are used for communication with a downline. The well-thought process leaves no chances for downlines to quit your network. As can be seen, Cotano offers absolutely automated template-based messaging without any manual work.

Invitation of the Teammate to the Board

Cotano offers a convenient option for networking marketing leaders to add a new teammate to the board. This is a 5-step algorithm that does not take much time:

  1. Open your board and click the ellipsis icon in the top right corner.
  2. Find the command “Add a Member”. Select this option.
  3. Specify the contact of the teammate you are inviting. 
  4. Specify the role (status) of the teammate. There are 3 available variants to choose from Admin, Member, Guest.

To find out more information about this topic, follow the link. Create fully personalized flows and automate your business processes with Cotano.

 3 – Import of Contacts

One of the most popular options for Cotano users is the import of contacts with the help of Google Spreadsheets. You can upload other files with personal information on your downlines. Speaking about Google Spreadsheets for import, it is a fast and comfortable way to add numerous contacts automatically. No manual work – just a few clicks with Cotano.

Let’s take a closer look at this process. We have four contacts to add. They are presented in Google Spreadsheets. Note that all the information should be well prepared beforehand. Specify in the columns the following information:

  • Full name;
  • Address;
  • Phone number;
  • Email;
  • Program;
  • Gift.

You will use all this data for template-based messaging as well. Here is an example of a ready-to-import Google Spreadsheet.

Example of the Google Spreadsheet Used for Import in Cotano

Example of the Google Spreadsheet Used for Import in Cotano

Do not forget to make your link with a spreadsheet public – this way the software will be able to get access to your contacts. That’s all. Add the link to the contact field and stay pleased with the automated import. Read more in the article

Customization of Imported Contacts in Cotano

All the imported data can be easily customized according to your needs. For example, you can add information about prizes, sets, the address of the downline, and other information. Additionally, you can save the contact template to use it next time. 

Cotano: Menu for Import Data to Board

Cotano: Menu for Import Data to Board

Other Data Import Options

Cotano users are able to import contacts from Excel or CSV files. There is a button to initiate the process of data importing. 

Cotano: Automated Import of Contacts from Excel Files

Cotano: Automated Import of Contacts from Excel Files

The algorithm is almost the same as the Google Spreadsheet import has. Additionally, you can count on the import of contacts from:

  • Your phone book;
  • Corporate integrations.

Note that a combinative form of import is possible as well. You may run automated import using spreadsheets or Excel files and then add one-two contacts manually. 

3 – Templates for Automated Communication

For each group of reps, you can create your own template-based texts. Use the button in the bottom menu of the board. 

Cotano: the Icon of Template-Based Messages

Cotano: the Icon of Template-Based Messages

There is an exclusive option for Cotano users when it comes to the personalization of templated messages. You can add formulas with “=” to specify personal information in the letter. It can be the name of the recipients, the type of prize, or catalog, other data.

The preview of your template-based message is available in the menu of the contact you are chatting with. This way you can send any notifications, follow-up letters, reminders, and special offers in several clicks. Note that each contact card (profile) contains the history of your messages. You can review the chat with the downline at any time. 

Other Communication Channels in Cotano

Cotano offers full automation for Telegram, email, and SMS. Networking marketing leaders can build fully personalized and automated downline activation flows this way. There is an option of partial automation for WhatsApp. The difference between the Telegram and WhatsApp templates is not very big. A user should click 2 times to apply the personalized template for the chosen contact.

Note that for FB Messenger and Viber there is no personalization and automation in Cotano. It can be explained by the strict regulations of these messengers. If you do not want your letters and chats to be banned, use other communication channels mentioned above. Some helpful options for Viber template-based messaging automation are presented in the mobile version in Cotano.

Cotano Automation Capabilities to Take into Account

Besides all the listed options for automation and acceleration of your network marketing sales, Cotano offers additional tools for columns on the board. You can find the supplementary personalization and automation menu easily, having entered the ellipse icon next to the section of your interest. The Cotano user will see the command “Automation”. 

Cotano: Additional Automation Options to Take into Account

Cotano: Additional Automation Options to Take into Account

Having clicked on the “Automation” action button, the user will see two available automation options named:

  1. Auto Messaging – this is the option for the selection of the communication channel. The template-based message is sent to the contact for this column of the user’s interest;
  2. Automation Rules – these are regulations for moving the contact card through the sections according to the specified trigger.
Cotano: Auto Messaging & Automation Rules

Cotano: Auto Messaging & Automation Rules

Auto messaging is a convenient automated way of sending template-based messages through the chosen communication channel. For example, the user selects Telegram as the default communication channel for the column. It is possible to customize the auto messaging option with the help of delay terms.  

Speaking about triggers for auto rules, they can vary and cause different automated activities forced by the Cotano software. 7 triggers that are used in the platform are:

  • Message sending (the “Send” button was activated; the message was forwarded);
  • The landing page is opened;
  • The video presented on the landing page was viewed (the “Play” button was entered);
  • The response is got (this trigger is accessible only for Telegram);
  • The Landing page link was followed;
  • The status of the downline is changed;
  • The checklist is completed.

Cotano offers networking marketing leaders to customize even small details of their communication flows including auto messaging rules, message delays, and categories of clients and business partners to communicate with.

The Final Word

To lead leads and automate the downline activation flow the best way, use sales automation software. Cotano is a special-purpose modern digital acceleration platform for network marketing and direct sales. It allows the creation of a fully personalized downline activation flow and promotes automation for any other processes required.

Each new rep goes through the funnel in an absolutely automated way, having been properly activated at the very beginning. Cotano also gives an opportunity for networking marketing leaders to:

Cotano – automate flows and accelerate your business processes. Increase your sales with the top-ranking software for network marketing representatives.

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