The direct sales business model requires attraction not only customers to increase the selling performance of the company. It is necessary to onboard more and more distributors to get a larger network. To increase the volume of sales and the network of standing customers, leaders of the direct sales companies attract newbies and train them to convert leads into successful business women.

It goes without saying that everything starts with proper communication. If you can provide your new team members with solid motivation, they will be interested in their self-progress and the good results of their work. It is possible to recruit new representatives even online via digital channels and train them supporting on every step. We’ve mentioned the importance of digitalization and being online as key for company success.

For example, Herbalife invites everyone to visit their welcome website with a user-friendly interface and well-structured data for newbies. 

A Welcome Page for Newbies (Source: Herbalife)

When you get new leads that can be converted into experienced and well-performing distributors, it is time to train your workforce. You should provide tutorials, skillsets, and working tools for faster conversion. Take a closer look at helpful tips on how to speed up the onboarding and training process.

5 Practical Tips to Convert Newbies into Successful Direct Sales Distributors  

From the very beginning, be honest with your leads to meet their expectations. Put all the qualification criteria and other regulations or rules of marketing on your website to skip different general questions about your company and salesman’s responsibilities. 

Direct Sales Company Should Meet Expectations of Its Distributors otherwise it risks to die.

If you are sure that all the duties and marketing strategies are clear for newbies, it is better to start the conversion process to turn out leads into your standing distributors. Follow 5 practical tips to make it faster and hassle-free.

Lower Time to Value

Your newbies require not only general information that you can provide on your website. A welcome kit and a catalog of products are also not enough for the fast progress of your leads. Besides starting training and basic needs for newbies, be ready to provide all necessary tools that should include:

  1. Tutorials – prepare guides, webinars, videos, and other material to make training stress-free for your leads.
  2. Templates – with the help of ready-done templates, your newbies will be ready to sell from the very beginning of their conversion.
  3. Marketing strategies – create an attractive visual and offer all the strategies in the simple form for self-learning of your staff.
  4. Best practices – insights always matter. If you have an opportunity to share your knowledge with your direct sales leads, do it.

Note that your newbies have no idea about different approaches to clients they should know to sell well. Your task is to provide this skill set and improve the level of information retention of your leads.

Remember that a full toolset is about lower time to value when it comes to direct sales performance rates. 

Mary Kay New Beauty Consultant Sample Pack

For example, Mary Kay offers several packs for their new beauty consultants at once. The most exclusive package with optional add-ons for newbies includes a full set of business educational materials. 

Flow to Rule Them All

Make all the stages well-structured, having presented them in the form of algorithms. It is easy to create such flows with the help of automation and acceleration software like Cotano. Having signed up, your newbies can join your community and get all essential how-to books, tutorials, templates, script and best practices to perform all required tasks step-by-step and get their hand in network marketing themselves.

The Cotano software offers calendars, contacts, spreadsheets, templates, and so on in one place. You get a digital tool to synchronize, structure, and share anything online immediately. Your leads will feel your care and all-time assistance this way.

Cotano Offers a Special-Purpose Software to Optimize and Automate Flows

Provide a Wide Range of Opportunities

As we mentioned before, you should motivate your leads and meet their expectations. That is why real opportunities, tasks, and inspirations for new achievements are rather better than just a capability of “unbelievable richness”. Show them a cause-and-effect reality where they should work hard and be successful. But make an accent on providing newbies with a wide range of opportunities at once.

They get almost a ready-done business with marketing strategies, algorithms, client base, etc. The leaders of the network marketing company should highlight this fact and provide newbies with a full toolkit and materials at the starting point of the lead conversion to prove it.

It is like the franchise that starts working from the very beginning.

Continuous Onboarding

If you are interested in the fast conversion of your leads into skillful distributors, never stop onboarding them. Your salesmen will be able to cope with any task if you train them constantly. New tips, additional information about products, refreshed templates will always come in handy for both newbies and experienced reps. 

Continuous Onboarding Means Qualitative Preparation of Your New Reps

But skip confronting your leads with too much information at once. Make all new data proportioned to avoid confusion of your new representatives. The dosing of information allows acquainting with direct sales peculiarities in a step-by-step manner.

Ready-to-Use Toolset

The era of digitalization and digital transformation is impossible without ready-to-use solutions that speed up most of the business processes. Provide your newbies with an on-hand toolset they can use from the very start. For example, templates for message sequences, sales scripts, presentations of your products. 

The more you simplify all the routine scope of work for your leads, the more they love your company. Your task is to develop a ready-to-use toolset with helpful solutions that allow newbies to sell easily or even perform direct sales and other tasks INSTEAD of them. Your leads will feel protected with such a comprehensive approach for beginners in your company.

The Final Word: Where to Start?

Start with modern software that will give you an opportunity to realize all the above-mentioned steps fast and professionally. Cotano can help you almost at any stage of the conversion of your leads into excellent distributors.

Don’t know where to start? Start Cotano!

Our automation and acceleration software can be used for various digital transformation activities including the creation of templates, step-by-step tutorials and guides, digitalization of data flows, immediate communication with all your team members, and many more. Head the mainstream of innovation implementation with Cotano – cut time of conversion from newbies into direct sales distributors ultimately. 

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