12 Best Direct Sales Companies 2021

Best direct sales companies

Direct sales is a pretty profitable business in which everyone can be successful. You just need to have a very hard desire to reach a goal. We have conducted research among Cotano users and prepared a list of the 12 best direct sales companies in 2021 based on our users’ feedback.

beauty direct sales companies

Beauty Direct Sales Companies

– Avon. The company was founded in 1886 and started with door-to-door sales. At first, its trade agents went from door to door and offered cosmetics. But the brand was changing along with time and trends, now each Avon client has a personal beauty consultant. The company offers a huge range of products – cosmetics, jewelry, fragrances, accessories, toys, etc. Avon has a large distributor network because it offers good commissions, you need just $10 to start.

– Mary Kay. The second most popular direct sales company in the world, founded in 1963. Its distributors are women who want to combine work and household chores. The main plus of Mary Kay is huge commissions, each distributor receives up to 50%. A starter kit costs $100. The company provides all necessary inventories for work. The brand sells cosmetics, skincare products for men and women.

– Seint (formerly Maskcara). A fairly young company, founded in 2017, its ideology brought it a success – make-up and personal care should not take a lot of time. Mascara trade agents get from 20% to 40% commission, and the starter kit costs $199. The company also offers a pro kit for $399 for those who already know how to sell and want to earn more.

wellness direct sales companies

Wellness Direct Sales Companies

– Melaleuca. You may have never heard of such a company, but it was founded back in the 1980s and is quite popular till now. Melaleuca offers products for home care, beauty, and many others. It became the best direct sales company due to its unusual sales strategy. When becoming a member of a company, you do not have to sell person-to-person. To start cooperation, you need to pay a $29 fee. Then you will get access to the catalogs of the company and its partners and will be able to sell those products that you like or buy something for yourself at a good discount.

– Amway. The undoubtful leader among wellness companies. It was founded in 1959 and is mainly focused on health care. The company has annual revenues of $9.5 billion and a huge distribution network. Amway is aimed at women of all ages, but its products can be used by anyone who wants to take care of themselves.

To become an Amway representative you need to buy a starter kit for $62 which includes video tutorials on how to increase sales. You can also buy a kit for $99 and a pro kit for $245.

– BeachBody. The company was founded in 1998 in sunny California. The brand is aimed at those who want to improve their body and muscles. The company produces all kinds of nutritional supplements and protein products and offers programs for muscle building and weight loss.

Its sales model is person-to-person. You can take a training course and become a beauty and health consultant for your customers. Plus, the company is constantly hosting new training to refresh the knowledge of distributors.

homeware direct sales companies

Homeware Direct Sales Companies

– Tupperware. This company was one of the first to start producing food storage containers. It was founded in 1940 and its products remain relevant till now. The company is focused on people who need to optimize the space in the kitchen, store food properly and make the kitchen life as simple as possible.

The starter kit costs $100 and your commission is 35%. Tupperware offers two business plans to choose from. As with Avon, you practically don’t have to do anything to sell, a well-known name will sell for you.

– Clever Container. The company was founded in 2007 and its products are for those who like to optimize space, organize their life and spend a minimum of time putting things in their places. There are more than 200 different products in its catalog, and the company supplements the assortment with functional novelties. It uses a party plan model.

– Pampered Chef. The company was founded in 1980 and throughout this time its target audience leaves the same – people who want to cook a delicious meal at home. The company offers kitchen stuff, food products, and cookbooks. Also recently, Pampered Chef has launched a new line of garden tools.

The starter kit costs $109. To demonstrate its products the company arranges so-called demonstration parties. Pampered Chef recommends organizing such parties to increase sales. To do this, you need the bare minimum – delicious snacks, a good mood, and several products of the company to show.

food direct sales companies

Companies with Food, Wine, and Tea

– The Cocoa Exchange. A best direct sales company that offers all brands of chocolate. Its assortment includes chocolate, sweets, sauces, tea, and many other tasty things for chocolateholics. The company offers a party plan model.

– Scout & Cellar. Best direct sales company offering wine. The company’s feature is that it constantly tests all wine for the level of pesticides and other undesirable impurities. Also, its wine has an unbelievable balance of taste and aroma. Scout & Cellar has a huge network of distributors, a starter kit costs $249 and is charged annually.

– Tastefully Simple. The company sells ready-made meal kits. Moreover, its assortment includes not only classics but also quite original solutions. You can buy meals for yourself and your family, or you can organize your own mini-business (check out the best templates for recruiting in your business) selling ready-made food solutions for different parties. The starter kit costs only $39.


All the above-mentioned companies have achieved success not only due to the hard work but also due to the ideal organization of all processes. How can YOU do this easily? Choose a reliable platform for cooperation and develop your direct sales business with it.

Cotano is a great out-of-the-box solution where you can automate all core elements, view real-time analytics, be always in touch, and invite new downlines to your team. Perhaps, in 2022 we will see you among the top leaders of one of the best direct sales companies.