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Turns your phone book into powerful CRM

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How we increase your sales revenue?

Cotano uses the proven Kanban methodology to increase your sales. It streamlines your sales funnel and gives you up to 20% more time for a personalized approach.

Contacts, Tasks & Notifications are your keys to success.

Personalized Sales

Work in a sales team?

Cotano's team enablement solution keeps your team in the loop and on track. Our real-time data analytics offer valuable insights into your teams daily activities for effective prospect tracking.

Team Tracking

Sell smarter, not harder

Lead management, lead nurturing, and managing your sales processes is not at all easy.

However, it can be!

Cotano's unique combination of the Kanban methodology, Smart PUSH Notifications & Comments allows for effective sales funnel management.

Our simple to use phonebook-like application allows you to build strong relationships, gain leads' trust, and close more deals simply by focusing on the keys to sales success.

Smart contact management
Alexander Myskiw Head of Sales & Marketing

We are a simple sales app with the power of a CRM that our users can't get enough of. Our mission is to make our users more money & give them the tools necessary to outsell their competitors.

Alexander Myskiw
Cotano - Head of Sales & Marketing

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