Sales acceleration app for Direct Sales & Retail designed to increase Conversion Rate

It minimizes human factors by automating your sales & marketing together. Great for the acquisition and retention of your target audience.


3 Core Problems We Solve

High Churn Rate for Customers & Reps

Most salespeople manage contacts with pen and paper or Excel, losing data and missing follow-ups.
We sync leads from all channels into the sales phone, together with reminders for timely follow-up.

Low Efficiency and Unpredictability

Most of direct sellers are not sales professionals and lack of persistency in their sales routine.
We automate sales routine and stimulate people to do revenue-generating tasks on regular basis.

Weak Adoption of the Digital Tools

Classic CRMs are too cumbersome for independent direct sellers - so people just reject them.
We help to increase adoption rate by providing an app salespeople love (88 NPS & 65%+ retention rate)

How it works

Integrations + App + Adoption + Dashboards = Sales Growth


Kanban-based sales funnel to define next actions - proven by 50M mobile users of Kanban for tasks

Prevent Customers Loss And Boost the Conversion Rate

    Avoid customer loss that happens when salespeople manage contacts in Excel or using pen and paper
    Process new leads without delay due to integration with your database, e-commerce, and any other data source
    Cover the entire customer journey from the first contact to business relationships
    Combine recruitment and sales in a single workflow

Build Omnichannel Communication using Customizable Templates

    Instantly deliver messages from your Marketing team to every sales phone
    Iterate based on how customers open, click and view your messages with real-time analytics to improve messages and adjust marketing communications
    Target promo activities to the right customer segments by sending unique messages based on customers data
    Use multiple channels to quickly reach your customers: WhatsApp, SMS, Email, or other channels

Real-time data on your Dashboard & BI

    High adoption within the Cotano app will absorb the data you & your team were searching for
    Break down teams' performance by channels like calls, SMS, emails to see what works and what doesn't
    Create & share KPIs like quota & conversion rate in a single dashboard with your sales field
    Easily detect and remove bottlenecks in sales funnel to achieve sales growth in the most optimal way

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ROI from a 3-month pilot

based on the case study with the Top-3 Network Marketing Company ($2B+ annual sales)



net sales growth after a 3-month pilot


a strong positive correlation between Cotano usage and sales

Customers Love Cotano

“Today, my team tells me it would be tough for them to go back to working without Cotano!”

September 15, 2019

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Serjay Kozin

Head of Innovation @ Isida

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Pierre Carlier

Director @ L'Appart - Leroy Merlin

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Lisa Jorcin

Sales Manager @ L'Appart - Leroy Merlin

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